My art is inspired by nature, but what does this mean? To answer this, I have to mention my mother. She was very young when she left her family home. She gave birth to me by candlelight in a cottage in the mountains and collected water for us from the river. Practically my whole childhood was my mother and I alone jumping from one place to another. This may seem hard and it was, but there was something else, she always arranged for us to live in a place surrounded by nature. It could have been on a farm with pigs and sheep, or in a community in the Pyrenees or taking part in the grape harvest in France.

My name is Blanca Gálvez and I live in a village just outside Granada (Spain). The art of creating is very important to me. It is like any caring and loving relationship you can have, full of joy, happiness, calm, but also with moments of frustration, anger, or fear, it’s not perfect, it’s not easy, but it is alive, and that is what it’s all about, feeling alive and aiming to share that vitality with you.

¿You know that feeling when you think you have to walk at the same pace as everyone else? Or in the same way? Or with the same “success”? And this leads you to not knowing who you are, or what you want, or even not knowing where you are going. I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, and despite all that, I still didn’t believe that I could make a living from my art, or that I was good enough, thinking that I should have a “proper” job. It took me some time to discover that I could walk at my own pace and in my own style, having days full of energy and motivation and days, as my next painting from the “Women Musing” series helps me express, when you just need to stop, to read, to reflect or just do nothing.

Now, when it comes to painting, the ravens scream my fears, the wings of the birds allow me to fly, the roots allow me to embed myself in this place, and the soft movement of the leaves takes me to those states of calm and tranquility. So, thank you mom, because despite not having that fixed place to live, you gave me that strong, wild contact with nature. A place where I can always go when I need it.


¡Hola! Soy Blanca

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