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Welcome to my reviews page! Here you can read the opinions and experiences shared by those who have enjoyed my artworks.


Blanca Gálvez’s work is, for me, pure beauty, fineness, elegance and a sensorial experience of movement, color and emotions.

Dealing with this artist is like a reflection of her work. There is care in the whole process, from your initial choice, trough the purchase, to the moment you receive her art. Everything is wrapped in her gentle touch. Thank you, Blanca!

We, at the NGO “Acciónenred”, were looking for a present to give to the people who altruistically collaborate with us in the project “Aula de Pensamiento Crítico” (Critical Thinking Space). It´s a space for talks, debates and reflections, in which we try to consider the social reality that surrounds us in a critical and realistic way. So we wanted something which represented that observant and sincere approach.
We met with Blanca Gálvez to explain what we wanted, and she came up with the idea which blossomed into the wonderful “Wise Owl” prints. Both the creative process and the final result were a great success and most enjoyable. We recommend the experience unreservedly!!!
NGO Acción en Red

I commissioned Blanca to draw my friend Anna’s cat as a birthday gift. It was a special present, and indeed it was. She cared about every detail, asking about what I wanted, involving me in the whole process, and the result was exquisite, just like all her creations, beautiful and delicate.

My friend was delighted with the lovely drawing and its delicate and tasteful packaging.

Thank you very much, Blanca Gálvez!


With Blanca Gálvez you live the process. A process based on her lovingly meticulous work, which you feel from your first contact with her until the work is with you. You feel that you are part of the gestation of the work and its meaning, to the extent that she accompanies you and invites you to get to know it and understand it.
The delicacy and temperance that her art inspires will be part of your space. It will provide a story with a beginning and an unfinished end which you will build yourself, because you feel that the canvas tells your own story.

What I liked the most when I commissioned a series of prints from Blanca was the way she made me feel like a partner in the creative process as if I were accompanying the birth of the artwork in all its richness and many nuances. Plus, she managed to do this without spoiling the final surprise.The experience culminated in the prints that I now enjoy looking at every day. Thank you Blanca for taking so much care and for all your attention and creativity.

I knew Blanca’s work well, and that’s why I put myself in her hands, literally, so that we could design the customized painting that will hopefully remain on my body for a very long time.
Although at the beginning of the project, she didn’t consider the possibility of designing tattoos, together we sketched a wonderful motif of nature and mountains that went beyond the obvious and combined originality and simplicity with affection and professionalism. The special thing about working in this way is that the dialogue with the artist makes you feel like the work is truly your own. An unbeatable experience!


DRAW of the painting

“Flock of Cranes”!

Sign up and you could win this artwork where free and elegant brushstrokes paint a flight of affection and respect.

Closes on Thursday, February 29th at 7:00 PM CET

I wish you the best of luck!

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