Art to Feel, Dream, and Muse

More than an Image:

An Artistic Collaboration

Discover how to turn your memories and passions into unique art.

Whether it’s the animal you adore, the tree that marked your childhood, or the mountain that takes your breath away, I’ll dive into your emotions and experiences to create a piece that captures its essence and meaning.

Women Musing

26 – 42€

The need to stop, get bored, and do nothing.

The 1000 Cranes

26 – 42€

Feel the elegant, calm, and peaceful flight of the crane.

Paintings of Calm and Serenity


26 – 42€

Branching lines reminiscent of veins and rivers. Lines full of life.

Te Wise Owl

From 220€

A space of silence to let thoughts wander.

The Raven

26 – 42€

Learning to fly with my fears and to be accompanied by them.

Artful Strolls

Cotton bags


Cotton tote bags with delicate prints of my paintings.

What They Say About My Work:

Top Sellers:

26 – 42€
190 – 1200€
26 – 42€
26 – 42€

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Unforgettable Packaging

Each order is carefully packaged with a personal touch. From personalized notes to unique wrapping options.

So that the experience of receiving your artwork is as special as the artwork itself.
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Cada obra que creo es el resultado de una colaboración íntima contigo.

Desde el primer contacto hasta la entrega final, tu voz y tus experiencias son la esencia misma de la obra.


Each artwork is infused with deep emotions and meanings.

I invite you to share your most cherished stories and memories so that each artwork becomes an authentic reflection of your being.

The Soul of Art

Hello! I’m Blanca Gálvez, the artist behind every artwork you find in this gallery. For me, art is a form of deep expression, a window to my inner world, and a way to connect with you.

My goal is to create art that not only adorns your walls but also touches your soul and transports you to dream worlds. I hope you find in my artworks a source of inspiration, healing, and joy.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey. I invite you to explore my gallery and immerse yourself in the magic of art.


Hola, soy Blanca ♡

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