Letting go and making room for something new.

Letting go and making room for something new.


The first autumn leaves are now falling from the trees. Shedding and letting go of everything they no longer need.

It’s interesting that these days many people around me are telling me that they are either tidying up the house, reorganizing spaces or making a selection of things they no longer want.

Just like animals who are preparing to hibernate for the winter in a warm and pleasant cave.

Following this instinct, I have also ended up organizing my workshop. In my case, I didn’t throw anything away, but I really needed to know where everything was!

What I have thrown away, or at least what I have been trying to let go of is excessive control, demands, and perfectionism. I’m not going to lie to you, I will continue being demanding and being a perfectionist. And that’s probably why I haven’t launched my new collection yet! What has helped me to let go is to give myself space to play, to sleep, to do nothing, in other words, to take care of myself and let those dry leaves fall.

And after a month of self-care, letting go and also working in my studio, I can finally announce that the collection of cosmetic bags, purses and pencil cases is finished!

For now, I´ll leave you with some pictures as a preview.

See you soon!

Blanca Gálvez


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