My new project. Taking its first steps!

My new project taking its first steps

Last time I mentioned that I would show you my new work in pictures. It took me longer than expected. I had everything ready and organized: the ideas, the materials, the workshop. I just needed to get down to work.

– Well, I didn’t!

I have been looking for and doing any other pending tasks to avoid entering the workshop.
Don’t you sometimes find the idea of starting something new terrifying?

In my case, so many demands and expectations began to overwhelm me that they managed to paralyze me. Luckily, at that moment, someone said: “Go in there with all your fears! Make mistakes!” When I heard this wonderful phrase, I remembered our beloved Raven (our protagonist in my last publication: read here), who represents our fears, and then I visualized the image of the two of us, me and my Raven, entering the workshop together, allowing it to accompany me in my new project.

In life, in general, we say that we learn from our mistakes. In art particularly and surely in any other field, making mistakes can be very enriching. It is in the error where a new technique can be discovered. Or a new idea can appear.

The technique I use to print the fabrics is called linocut.

The idea is to design fabrics with my images. And then, with these stamped fabrics I will make cosmetic bags, pencil cases, bags and other new creations. Surprises that I will tell about you as they arise in the workshop based on tests, trials, and mistakes.

Here’s to our mistakes!

Blanca Gálvez


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