Linen Cosmetic Bag with Squirrel.

28 €

It is surprising the great variety of things you can find inside a bag or backpack. Just looking at its contents is enough to tell a story. Of course, when you look for something in that wonderful inside world of your bag, there is no way of finding it. To keep you from turning all your things out onto the table, these cute squirrels will be eager to store your treasures as if they were hazelnuts.

Now, when you’re looking for something in your bag, you’ll be guided by the soft feel of linen which this elegant cosmetic bag is made from.

Details of Artwork

​ What makes this purse unique?

    1. Every piece is hand stamped with a press. This makes each print slightly different and unique.
    2. The technique used here is called linocut, where you first carve the design on a rubber plate, then ink it with a roller, and finally transfer that image onto the fabric with the press. You can see images of the process in this post on my blog.

Materials: The cosmetic bag is lined on the inside with a different fabric which makes it two-toned and sturdier. The inside is made of high-quality 100% cotton fabric and the outside is high-quality 100% linen fabric.

Care: To maintain the longevity of the print and colors, it’s essential to follow proper care instructions:
1- Wash the case by hand with cold water.
2- Avoid scrubbing the area of the print.
3- After washing, dry the case in a place away from direct sunlight.
4- You can use a steam iron to remove any wrinkles if needed.

Dimensions: Height 17cm x Width 23cm. (6,7” x 9”).

Please note: The colors may vary slightly from your computer screen to the actual cosmetic bag.

Safe shipping sent with love and care. The cosmetic bag is carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a beautiful and elegant touch, ready as a gift for a loved one, or yourself! It is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.


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