Painting “The Raven’s Whisper”

26 € – 42 €

An enormous raven flies over you today. Its wings are so huge that they completely cover the sun up, it almost feels like nighttime. You look up and ask it insistently:

– Raven, why are you here?! Where did you come from?! What is it that you want?!

You need to understand where this darkness is coming from!

This need is becoming more and more obsessive. You can’t stop thinking about why that raven is there, above you, covering all the light. Then, a little voice inside you whispers:

– Maybe today is not the day for finding answers. Maybe just allowing its presence is enough for today.

In order to do that, you need to stop, surround yourself with care and tell your insistent questions to give it a rest, because dealing with their presence is already a big enough effort.

Once you alleviate that insistence, the Raven is able to descend and approach you, resting gently on your shoulder and allowing the sun to illuminate the remains of the day.

The Raven in this painting will be happy to whisper to you whenever you need it; you don’t always have to understand everything or have all the answers. Perhaps today is a day when you can just say “I don’t know”.

Details of Artwork

What gives this print the look of an original?

    1. It is a Giclée fine art print, considered to be the highest quality reproduction which can be achieved from the original. This means that it is professionally printed onto heavyweight, beautifully textured fine art paper with archival ink pigments.
    2. This is a gallery quality print, which can last up to 200 years under glass.
    3. The print is signed by hand.

For easy framing, the art print comes with a white margin of 3mm.

Please note that the print is sent unframed and the colors may vary slightly from your computer screen to the actual print.

Safe shipping, sent with love and care. The prints are carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a beautiful and elegant touch. They are flat-packed, supported and protected by cardboard and a rigid envelope.


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